Compassion and ethicsĀ 

These are two words that have all but vanished within the world. 

     There are still well meaning organizations trying to help where possible. . 

    This model for care giving crafts many obstacles, centered around providing the needed care in a way that would be most helpful.
I once read about an organization that would send in adviser to help the locals learn how to arrange for financing to aid the completion of the project. These people would stay and teach every step of the project and by doing so, the people in the community would have knowledge to help with future goals.
I’m not sure how to fix this issue and would like to find out if anyone knows what the fix is please help.  .
Much of the world caregivers are in danger from the very people their helping. Many governments seen to have a war lord mentality allowing their generals to intimidate the locals by doing horrable things.
Recently I read about a town in South Sudan, a large city, that had a great need for aid. The country has been experiencing a revolution since 2013 and much of the infrastructures have been damaged. Many countries sent aid workers to help with casualties and rebuilding power grids. It was during a relative quiet period when the government soldiers went into the town and threatened and abused the locals. They went from house to house stealing and killing. They attacked many of the foreign aid workers. In one instance an American aid worker were threatened and forced to have sex with the soldiers. If she’d refused the soldier said he’d force the men of the town to rape her and then they’d kill her. During this dark period a piece keeping force was one mile away and was notified of the situation.  The embassy’s were called and a plea  for help was broadcast through the different embassies available.  No one responded and when the Un was notified their response was it’s being investigated. 

What is it, what is the reason for not responding,  what could possible be the reason to abandon the people they were sent to protect.  

  We can not live in a world that discriminates it’s people allowing them to be abused by the people we were sent to defend them.